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Conservation & Society ( is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, open access journal, dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practice of conservation. It aims to serve as a bridge between conservation practitioners from a wide array of disciplines and seeks to disseminate work presented in an integrative and simple manner that is accessible to individuals from disciplines ranging from the natural and social sciences to the humanities.

The journal draws on both natural and social sciences and covers basic and applied research in areas including but not restricted to political ecology, human-wildlife conflicts, decentralised conservation, conservation policy, ecosystem structure and functioning, systematics, community and species ecology, behavioural ecology, landscape ecology, restoration ecology and conservation biology.

Conservation & Society came out of a conversation beginning in the late 1990s between leading ecologists and conservationists in India including Kamal Bawa, Chiranjeev Bedi, Renee Borges, Uma Shaanker, Ravi Chellam, Gladwin Joseph, Ullas Karanth, Jagdish Krishnaswamy, Ajith Kumar, Sharad Lele, Mahesh Rangarajan, Vasant Saberwal, Amita Baviskar, K. Sivaramakrishnan and Anindya Sinha.

The journal was launched in 2003 through Sage Publications, with Kamal Bawa as Chief Editor and Vasant Saberwal as Executive Editor. Kartik Shanker (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) took up the Executive Editorship in 2005, followed by Heather Goodall (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia) in 2009. From 2014 onwards the Executive Editorship was replaced by a Senior Editorial Collective and an expanded global array of Associate Editors from the social, historical and natural sciences. The current Senior Editorial Collective includes and Haripriya Rangan (University of Melbourne), Bram Büscher (Wageningen University and Research), Noella Gray (University of Guelph), Pippin Anderson (University of Cape Town), Veronica Davidov (Monmouth University) and Ajit Menon (Madras Institute of Development Studies). The current Book Review Editors are Ambika Aiyadurai (Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar) and Alejandro Camargo (Universidad del Norte, Colombia).

ATREE has financially supported Conservation & Society since its inception and its management since 2003. The journal became Open Access under the Creative Commons License in 2005. Since 2009, the journal has been published by Medknow Publications (now Medknow Wolters Kluwer).


​Current Conservation communicates conservation-related issues and science in an accessible manner to a wide audience. The magazine carries the latest in research concepts and news from both the natural and social science facets of conservation, encompassing ecology, conservation biology, environmental history, anthropology and sociology, ecological economics, and related fields of research. Our articles are illustrated with uniquely stylized artwork, info-graphics and photographic images from contributors across the world. The magazine targets interested members of the general public, who can subscribe to the hard copy for a nominal fee. CC is published by Dakshin Foundation and supported by ATREE, DBT, DMNCT, FES, NCBS, WCS, WIPRO and WWF. Current Conservation has recently launched CC Kids, a section aimed at middle school children. With support from WIPRO and DBT, CC will go out to over 1000 schools and colleges.