People Practices

ATREE is committed to providing a safe working environment for employees, students, and visitors in accordance with The Sexual Harassment of Women in the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act of 2013. While the law is intended to protect women, ATREE’s policy covers both genders.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is defined as "unwelcome" sexually determined behaviour (whether directly or by implication) such as: physical contact and advances, demand for sexual favours; sexually coloured remarks, showing pornography and other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature. In compliance with the Act, ATREE has an internal complaints committee called the Committee against Sexual Harassment (CSH). Grievances may be addressed to Strict confidentiality is maintained in all deliberations.

Committee Members

Sl. No.

Name Mail Ids

Priyanka Jamwal - Chair ( 94805 24560)
2 Milind Bunyan - Member (9591174328)
3 Goutham  - Member (9659778082)
4 Asmita Sengupta - Member (97421 59491)
5 Faakirah Junaid - External member


ATREE's HR policies are designed to create a culture of trust, transparency, and integrity and an environment where talent will flourish, and potential of people are realised. The policies reflect the institution's values and are proactive, responsive to changing needs of the staff.

ATREE is committed to an equitable and diverse workplace that does not discriminate by caste, class or gender. ATREE has put in place a robust selection process that is transparent, and not only assesses knowledge and skill, but also the attitude of the candidates and whether they fit the profile of the job.

ATREE acknowledges its ‘staff’ are critical resources that the success of the institution depends on and ATREE provides opportunities for learning, skill-building, and growth.

Please contact the HR department for further information.

Rashmi Shet, HR Manager,
Tel: 23635555 Extn: 203,