Our team is our most valuable asset. We capitalize on the diverse backgrounds and perspective of our people who share the collective commitment towards our vision.


Amrik S. Gill

Director, Procurement Operations Asia, M/s KIIT US-Eugene, Oregon, USA; Ex Vice-President, Marketing and Exports, BBTC.

Dr. K. D. Singh

Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA .
Dr. K.R. Shivanna's picture

Dr. K.R. Shivanna

INSA Senior Scientist, ATREE, Bangalore.
Dr. Mahesh Rangarajan's picture

Dr. Mahesh Rangarajan

Professor of History and Dean of Academic Affairs, Ashoka University Ph.D. Oxford University
Dr. Romulus Earl Whitaker's picture

Dr. Romulus Earl Whitaker

Honorary Member, Steering Committee, IUCN/SSC Crocodile Specialist Group; Managing Trustee, Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, Chennai, Tamil Nadu; Team Leader, Agumbe Rainforest Research Station, Agumbe, Karnataka.
Ricky Kej's picture

Ricky Kej

Internationally renowned Indian Music Composer and Environmentalist
serves as the United Nations Refugees "Goodwill Ambassador" UNCCD “Land Ambassador”, UNESCO MGIEP “Global Ambassador for Kindness”, UNICEF “Celebrity Supporter” & Ambassador for “Earth Day Network”